Madrid, May 13, 2020. – The VOX senator for Murcia, José Manuel Marín, has reproached the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, for the management that the Executive has carried out of the pandemic. "They have demonstrated their inability to face the health crisis with an unfortunate result," said Marín, who has advanced that "we will suffer the same fate in view of the credentials it offers: its management stage in the Government of Andalusia, the ERES government, where You (Calvo) was a councilor, like Minister Montero. ” "The Government condemned for the largest embezzlement in Spain, 680 million euros," he pointed out.

During his second intervention in the Constitutional Commission, Marín has denounced that, from the Government, “they are used to control the media” and also “the statistics”. In this sense, he has clarified that Calvo is in the “Fundación Sistema, as employer, who received 12,000 euros from the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies,” of which Calvo is president. "He learned well from his teachers," said the senator.

Regarding the continuity of the State of Alarm, after two months, Marín explained to Calvo that "there are other legal mechanisms with which health security measures can be maintained without the need to limit and prohibit fundamental rights." Among them, he has listed Law 33/2011, of October 4, General Public Health; Organic Law 3/1986, of April 14, on Special Measures in Public Health Matters; and Law 36/2015, of September 28, on National Security (Final Provision II).

The senator has denounced that, in just a few months in government, a large part of its provisions have had to be appealed because they were considered contrary to the Constitution, such as the appointment of the State Attorney General; the rules on the use of the Basque language; and the inclusion of Vice President Pablo Iglesias in the CNI.

In this sense, the senator has recognized that the coalition government is "an expert in finding a way to hide data and limit, even de facto prohibit, rights," to appease internal issues over how to share power with its Chavista partners rather than occupy itself of the Spanish ”.

On the other hand, the senator has regretted that the Executive does not deal with the real problems of citizens and the very serious situation that the entire population has faced, but rather they have preferred to deal with their ideological agenda, "even if they leave lives in the path".
Thus, he explained that, for the moment, fundamental rights such as life and health are being violated, "but limitations and prohibitions on freedom of expression, on social networks and on the street, are not delaying." "What is it but monitoring advocated by his partner, Minister Marlaska?" Marin asked Vice President Calvo.

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