Cádiz, October 22, 2020. The VOX deputies in Cádiz, Agustín Rosety and Carlos Zambrano, Aware of the distressed situation in which the center of Jerez has been left after the departure of the National Police Station to the new Police Station located in the Asunción neighborhood next to the University Campus, have elevated to Congress the problems that the residents of the area are suffering as the worrying increase in thefts in homes and premises, attacks by MENAS or the problems generated by the illegal “squatting” of homes.

Rosety recalled that in July of last year, both the local government of the city of Jerez, as well as the central government, pledged to provide the city center with a joint office of the National and Local Police, to attend to neighbors and tourists, whose location would be in Calle Larga.

However, said commitment, to date, has been breached, as the proposal has been left out of the provisions of the creation of new police stations by the Government, the building in which the old Police Station was located continues to be closed, the VOX deputy has denounced.

Agustin Rosety has lamented the situation that residents of the center of Jerez are suffering, and the lack of commitment and capacity of its mayor, Mamen Sánchez, who is not capable of demanding from her fellow party members in government to include in the next budgets the endowment of these facilities to reinforce security in a city with more than 200,000 inhabitants.

For his part, Carlos Zambrano, has stated that It is necessary that the center of Jerez, as the main tourist and commercial nucleus and, therefore, of economic activity, cannot be deprived of the permanent presence of the National Police, as is currently the case.

For this reason, The second VOX deputy in Cádiz has urged the installation of a District Police Station, as in other cities in Andalusia such as Córdoba, Seville or Malaga, to guarantee and increase public safety, seriously impaired by the exponential increase in robberies that is taking place in shops and people, as a result of the absence of the State Security Forces.

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