Algeciras, October 5, 2020. “Since last September 2 and until today, there have been a multitude of attacks on agents of the State Security Forces and Bodies – at least 13 – resulting in serious injuries, having to be hospitalized, in some of these cases, due to gunshot wounds ”, has denounced Augustine Rosety, first deputy of VOX in the province of Cádiz.

This extreme violence used in the attacks on the agents of the State Security Forces and Bodies was already used before the Special Security Plan that began in 2018. However, since the entry into force of said Plan, there has been a considerable increase in attacks on the State Security Forces, Rosety lamented.

Faced with this serious situation, the VOX Parliamentary Group in Congress has registered last week, an NLP urging the government to dto declare the Campo de Gibraltar area as an area of ​​special singularity in order to protect the agents of the operations against drug trafficking, provide it with specific investments for the fight against crime, increase the staff of the State Security Forces and Bodies in the area and financially incentivize the transfer to units of our Forces and Security Forces in the Campo de Gibraltar.

On the other hand, VOX requests the ccreation of a stable and decentralized special group on economic crime and drug trafficking, under the command of three special anti-drug prosecutors with offices in the police stations involved and made up of agents selected after a process outside the Ministry of the Interior and in which the three prosecutors and professional experts in the field who know how to assess profiles participate. The unit will be multidisciplinary with agents from all the bodies involved and under the direct orders of the investigating judges.

In the document registered by VOX, the executive is required to provide the agents of the National Police Corps and the Civil Guard with the material means according to the special idiosyncrasy of the area:

  • All terrain vehicles in sufficient numbers that they have iron defensive measures to circulate on any terrain and with the ideal resistance to suffer attacks.
  • Heavy vehicles to cut roads without risk for agents.
  • Deployment of the adequate technology for surveillance, detection and prevention of drug trafficking crimes in the area, such as drones, GPS, thermal cameras.
  • Means of defense and reduction of criminals such as TASER-stun guns and sprays, as well as bulletproof vests and cut resistant gloves.

In addition, other measures are requested such as:

  • Provide the Maritime Services of the Civil Guard with patrol boats designed for demanding navigations such as those involved in the operations to be carried out in the aforementioned areas.
  • Increase the number of agents in general and in the maritime corps, which work in anti-drug operations, in particular.
  • Provide agents with continuous training in personal defense, range shooting or simulation of operational situations, as well as training in psychology, which allows them to carry out negotiation actions and deal with the offender.
  • Prepare protocols and instructions for action and intervention for the State Security Forces and Bodies, which give special priority to the authority, security and protection of agents against criminal activity. Among other aspects, they should regulate the following:
    • The use of regulation weapons in situations of suspected criminal activity.
    • He a way to carry out the detention of people, vehicles and boats that disobey a stop order.
    • He use of force and arms in general to carry out police work to stop any criminal situation and before the disobedience of the suspects at the orders of the agents, and without the need for them to put their physical integrity or that of any citizen at risk. Especially in situations of blocking streets and highways, escape and pursuit of vehicles and boats.
  • Legislative reform so that the escape before the police presence is an autonomous crime configured as a crime of abstract danger without the concrete danger of the life of any agent being necessary.
  • Research enhancement for money laundering from drug trafficking
  • Permanent deployment of groups of Geos, Goes, GRS and GAR, coming from units with much less work volume like La Coruña, Zaragoza, etc. that will remain until the creation of a permanent specialized unit mixed with police from the area who have:

    • Knowledge of the local reality and common criminals.
    • Mastery of the special criminal idiosyncrasy.
    • Involvement with the population for being their home.
  • Collection of economic complementfor deployed officers actually performing operational work in the field.
  • Immediate presence in the command area of ​​Europol and Interpol, involving the involvement of Europenot only in material means but also in strategies and leadership in the fight against drug trafficking.

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