The spokesperson and deputy of VOX in the General Meeting, Ignacio Blanco, has requested in the Meeting of Spokesmen held this morning electronically that the Working Group for the monitoring and evaluation of the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 set a weekly calendar in which In addition to the regional councilors of the main areas in this exceptional situation, the President of the Principality appears. "We remind Adrián Barbón that since the COVID-19 crisis began, he has not appeared before the rest of the political parties, and we have seen him in the media defending the Royal Decree, as well as the measures that the central government dictates, without taking into account the economic and social damage to Asturian society, "explains Blanco.
"We trust that the President of the Principality will fulfill his obligation to the Asturians to account for his management in the face of the coronavirus crisis before the other parties in the parliamentary arc so that, in addition, from VOX we can exercise our obligation to control the regional government , now more necessary than ever in this exceptional situation ”, concludes the spokesperson.

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