The parliamentary group Vox has requested this Monday the appearance of the president of Cantabria in the regional chamber to explain the state of alarm decreed this Sunday by the government of the nation.

In his speech in the ordinary plenary session, the parliamentary spokesman Cristóbal Palacio has assured that “the declaration of the state of alarm and the attribution to the regional president of a set of attributions that are not part of the autonomic powers " it is the most urgent and what is really relevant for the Cantabrians. "It is an exceptional event and of much greater relevance than any other agreement " Palacio points out that he even expected “that the president had requested a voluntary appearance "

Palacio also recalled that throughout the morning President Revilla participates in the XIII Conference of Presidents where the details of the Recovery Plan to be paid for with European funds are expected to be announced. "If these two elements do not justify the immediate appearance of the President of the Government of Cantabria this afternoon, –pointed palace– I don't know what can justify it ”.

For all this, the parliamentary group Vox has asked the Parliament Board to meet at noon and agree to the appearance of the regional president for this afternoon. "It will be the cotton test "-emphasizes the Vox spokesperson in Parliament, as it is evident "When the parliamentary groups give relevance to what is important and when the Government shields itself in matters of agenda or unnecessaryness so as not to come to explain to us Cantabrians something that the President of the Government of Spain explained yesterday."

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