VOX In the motion, he requests that the City Council join in the rejection, already approved in Congress, of the FEMP's adherence to the use of municipal remnants by the Government and the Ministry of Finance.

In the same motion, VOX asks the Municipal Corporation for an agreement for the departure of the Castellón City Council from the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP)

VOX recognizes, as local territorial entities, the municipalities, provinces, islands, counties, metropolitan areas, associations and other entities contemplated by the local legislation, although the Constitution grants a special relevance to the municipalities, guaranteeing their autonomy in article 140 , while establishing that their government corresponds to their respective municipalities.

Luciano Ferrer argues that “The FEMP does not contribute to this guaranteeing intention of the Constitution and brings together attributions and management of public money that, in some way, steals from the municipalities and from this guarantee intention the right and autonomy that is intended, constituting an authentic "chiringuito" for the placement of party personnel producing inefficient and superfluous top-level political spending. "

In the motion, VOX states that "The FEMP is an artifact created by the two major parties that does not help to allow city councils "to intervene in all matters that directly affect the circle of their interests" as established by law, but rather its purpose is to intervene this autonomy, their representation and as a counterweight to the independence of the management of the attributions that national laws grant to local entities. "

The FEMP, they affirm from VOX, highlights the abandonment of functions of the State administration and, in turn, criticizes the assumption of many of these functions, which do not correspond to local entities, by municipal governments and emphasizes the damage to them due to the budgetary imbalance that this it provokes them. But surprisingly, he proposes that the remaining treasury be used to cover the financial needs of the negligent government.

This constitutes blackmail for Spanish municipalities, especially for those that have complied with responsible fiscal and spending plans.

For all these reasons, and many other arguments put forward in the motion, VOX requests to the Plenary of the Castellón City Council, among other things, the revocation of the adhesion to the FEMP and the exit of the association by agreement of the Corporation.

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