VOX requests the publication on zaragoza.es of the amounts received by municipal groups annually. To do this, he proposes to enable a space on the municipal website. With the possibility that the municipal groups that so wish can make public the justification of their expenses.

In addition, VOX requests that the municipal website publish the reports of the municipal intervention. Except for those that contain reserved matter that cannot be made public.

Finally, VOX claims to start modifying the Ordinance on transparency and free access to information from the Zaragoza City Council. For its adaptation to the provisions of the Law of Transparency of Public Activity and Citizen Participation of Aragon.

Public information, published information

In the plenary session of the Zaragoza City Council on February 28 of this year 2020, VOX already presented a motion in this regard. There he requested that the supervision of municipal groups be included in the annual Financial Control Plans. And that the final reports of that inspection be published on the municipal website. For general knowledge of the people of Zaragoza and demonstration of transparency.

The result of the vote was as follows:

  • Votes in favor: VOX and Ciudadanos.
  • Votes against: PP and PSOE.
  • Abstentions: Zaragoza en Común and Podemos.

A recent Resolution of the Transparency Council of Aragon states that "the amount of subsidies granted to Municipal Groups is public information."

Said Resolution would pay the information requirements in relation to financial contributions to municipal groups that VOX raises. In particular, the overall amount received, the justification of the expense and the supervision of the Municipal Intervention.

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