The Municipal Group of VOX in the Motril City Council has registered a motion to debate in the next plenary session the current situation of the firewalls in the mountain areas of the city.

This motion comes as a consequence of the concern that many neighbors, especially in the La Buganvilla neighborhood, and the spokesman for the training in the City Council, Miguel Ángel López, has stated that "numerous images of firewalls in areas surrounding us are being sent to the city, in which it is appreciated that some of them are covered by brush and grass, which entails a risk for the safety of the residents of Motril, which is especially increased in these summer months due to the risk of fire due to the high temperatures ”.

Miguel Ángel López recalled that “the correct maintenance of the protections against eventual fire cases is essential, especially in the summer season, where high temperatures favor the occurrence of these fires. A primary element to reduce the impact of the action of the flames are the firewall lines, however, these must maintain a correct state of cleanliness to be precisely the screen that stops the expansion of the fire as far as possible; if not, and weeds and grass proliferate in them, it will end up expanding the flames with more force, thus causing the opposite effect to that desired to act as a cut line. For this reason, we urge the municipal government and the Andalusian Government to increase controls on the mountains of the city, and to undertake urgent work of cleaning in areas where weed or grass proliferation is appreciated. ”

In Spain, the number of hectares that are razed as a result of forest fires is a constant problem for our country, suffering a rebound in 2019. At the local level, in recent years, we have seen how in natural areas such as Sierra Lújar, 2,000 hectares were burned by fire in July 2015.

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