Talavera de la Reina, September 22, 2020.- The councilors of the Municipal Group of VOX in the City Council of Talavera de la Reina, David Moreno and Gerardo Sánchez, accompanied by the National deputy Manuel Mariscal and the president of VOX Toledo, Daniel Arias, have today registered a forceful letter addressed to the Minister of Health and the President of the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha, by means of which the serious situation that drag the health services of the Talavera de la Reina region is denounced. They highlight the lack of technical means, the delays in the attention of specialists in acute and chronic diseases, the lack of personnel and the collapse of primary care and telephone lines.

According Brown "The health system in the Talavera area is on the verge of structural collapse, there is an urgent need for an increase in professionals to guarantee care in the face of foreseeable casualties due to infections." And it claims "the implementation of a second point of Continuing Care in the Rio Tajo-la Solana health center and the provision of a second mobile ICU for the region of Talavera ”“ care for patients with chronic and acute diseases cannot continue to be delayed ”

For his part, Mariscal has conveyed his concern about the healthcare deficiencies in the health area of ​​Talavera, "it is the health professionals themselves who are denouncing the deficiencies and needs, PPE, PCR, reinforcements of personnel, and more technical means", And has asserted that" these should be the priorities, strengthen health care and the safety of health professionals "," the current serious situation is due to the waste of public money for years instead of being allocated to the most important, which it is the health of citizens ”.

The provincial president has reminded Page of his unfulfilled commitments "The sanitary area of ​​Talavera is more fragile than the rest of the Community because the ratio of beds per inhabitants is much lower, while other similar sanitary areas such as Mancha-centro have 1 bed for every 343 inhabitants and Cuenca 1 bed for every 332 inhabitants, the Talavera region has one bed for every 567 inhabitants. This means that the annual budgetary allocations are lower and PAGE continues to fail to comply with the commitments acquired in the Pact for the Recovery of Talavera and its region ”and adds“ Mr. Page stop looking for excuses with Madrid because thanks to Madrid's proximity many people from Toledo and Talavera have work there, because they can't find it here ”.

In another order of topics, he asks Page:"What is the reason why a linear accelerator for cancer treatment has not been awarded to the Hospital de Talavera? Of the 7 that Amancio Ortega has donated, from VOX we ask you to rectify, that the citizens of Talavera and their region corresponds to them as well as the rest of Castilian La Mancha ”.

Gerardo Sanchez insists that "now the priority is to strengthen health care in the Talavera region in the face of the increase in infections that do not stop increasing, also asks the hospital management for transparency and coordination with its professional teams"

Finally, in the brief presented, the representatives of VOX “request the incorporation of budget items in the 2021 Autonomous Budgets, so that once and for all the commitments in health matters signed in the Pact for the Recovery of Talavera and its region: a second mobile ICU, a second point of continuous care and the hemodynamic unit, among others.

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