He asserts that "exercising legal commerce in Seville is a risky activity" and warns the municipal government that it could be committing a crime of omission from the duty to prosecute crimes "

Seville, February 20, 2020. The spokeswoman for the VOX Municipal Group in the Seville City CouncilCristina Peláez, has demanded this Friday the municipal government of Seville that "apply to the manteros the same rigor with which he treats Sevillians" after knowing that the popular street incense stall on Córdoba Street will not be able to continue its activity due to the loss of the license after the death of its owner ”.

The municipal spokeswoman of VOX, has valued “the delegate's interest in seeking a solution to try to extinguish the controversy generated, not to put an end to the comparative grievance which supposes that while the manteros exercise their illegal activity with impunity in the eyes of all in the main streets of Seville, the local merchants are applied with all the rigorous possible municipal ordinance, apart from the taxes and fees that are not forgiven, as it should be ”.

"Exercising legal commerce in Seville is a risky activity, and the message that this City Council is sending to the Sevillians who want to undertake can not be more daunting. If what you intend is to open a business, prosper, create wealth and employment, you will find with ordinances, laws and tax obligations that you will have to follow very hard, otherwise, you will find the Local Police, the sticker of Sealed in the door and its corresponding sanction. If, on the contrary, you do not want to pay a license, or occupation of public roads, taxes or fees and much less social security, then you have a free way to sell what you want, especially if it is counterfeit products. That is the reality of Seville. ”

Cristina Peláez has stressed that “what happened to this family of the incense stand on Córdoba Street is an anecdote, A simple example of what happens every day and at all times in Seville with those citizens, with those merchants, who try to do things well, open or keep their businesses in order, but who find that wall often insurmountable that is Seville City Council that usually treats the merchant as a suspicious element. ”

"We are not asking the City Council to relax with the merchants when demanding documents and taxes, what we are demanding, is that the law is complied with illegal trade, because to begin we observe that from the municipal power a crime of omission of the duty to prosecute crimes could be committed, which, according to article 408 of the Criminal Code, criminalizes the crime as the authority or official who, failing the obligation of his office, will intentionally cease to promote the prosecution of the crimes of which he has news or those responsible, ”he concluded

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