Covid-19 has had a special impact on the school year. In addition to the changes produced in the schedules and that the classes have been divided into two shifts in Ceuta, so that there are no more than fifteen students in a classroom, some families have claimed telematics education. They do so because there is someone at risk in their homes, but the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has not provided an answer to these situations. For this reason, VOX has approached the Government to make a decision on this matter once and for all.

The national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, is one of those who signs the interpellations addressed to the Sánchez Executive to explain, in the first place, if there is the same protocol for school absenteeism in educational centers regardless of the characteristics of the families. "Is there a specific protocol for families whose chronic diseases make them a population at risk from Covid-19?" Asks VOX, which also asks to know how many families in Spain have requested telematics education claiming chronic diseases of family members.

"Does the Government know the number of files opened in Spain for school absenteeism during the 2020/21 academic year?", Asks the training, which recalls how public administrations have already warned that a file could be opened by the Social Services and even from the Prosecutor's Office.

On the other hand, López asks about the situation that occurred in the dining room of CEIP Ramón y Cajal de Ceuta, whose kitchen staff was quarantined after testing positive or being declared close contacts of a infected person, but who was not replaced because longer-term leaves are required.

"The isolation of the entire workforce has made it impossible to apply this type of emergency solution, thus exposing the scarce resources of the MEFP, the manager of education in Ceuta," and thus López warns. Therefore, the deputy asks what the situation in the two autonomous cities is due to in terms of human resources allocated to schools and why the list is not used to carry out new hires in cases such as CEIP Ramón and Cajal.

In Ceuta, 64 teachers have requested a leave related to Covid-19

Regarding the teaching staff, VOX also asked the Government at the beginning of the course to report on the dropouts requested by teachers. "How many of the same have been requested for being risk personnel before Covid-19?", Questions the training, since the number of teachers over 60 years has doubled in the last decade. Given this, the Executive has indicated that in Ceuta there have been 64 casualties, while in Melilla 65, of which three are from people at risk. However, it emphasizes that the reinstatement of teachers has been preceded by the establishment of preventive measures to avoid the risks of the coronavirus.

Withdrawal of parental authority

"In relation to the question asked, we do not have data or information to answer this initiative." With this response, the Government of Sánchez e Iglesias considers another of López's questions in this regard to be answered, to find out the number of legal proceedings for deprivation of parental authority in Ceuta for school absenteeism, as well as the number of those that have been resolved .

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