The VOX deputy for Jaén, Francisco Jose Alcaraz, has submitted a question to the Bureau of Congress Inquiring the Government to clarify what reasons have led it not to include the funds of the Integrated Territorial Investment for the province of Jaén in the General State Budgets for 2021. It is the second time that the VOX deputy has asked a similar question and still does not receive reply.

Alcaraz clarifies that already on January 28, within the battery of measures that he is carrying out in the development of his parliamentary work for the benefit of the province, he asked what was happening with the ITI that it supposes, he assures "a little hope for citizens from Jaén after many years of abuse ”. At first, the Executive said that it was waiting for the budgets. "Well, here are the budgets and the 220 million ITI, no trace. Of course, for the Ministry of Equality more than 450 million ", stresses.

Betrayal of the PSOE

In 2018, the then Government delegate in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, assured that the ITI funds would be available from the Government of Spain as soon as there were budgets. "More than two years have passed and when the socialists finally manage to put a budget forward, they do so hand in hand with the communists, the separatists and the bilduetarras, and with their backs to the citizens," says Alcaraz, for whom this "is an offense and a betrayal by the PSOE to its more than 140,000 voters in the province. " "They are harmful budgets for the Spanish nation, which attack the equality and prosperity of all our compatriots, but they are, particularly, an insult to Jaén," concludes Alcaraz.

The representative of VOX in the Courts recalls that “The time is running out to launch the ITI investments. We have always been late in this matter, but the apathy of the social-communist government means that we are about to lose everything ”. “VOX will remain firm in defending this opportunity for the province of Jaén and we will pressure the Government, as we are doing in many other areas, to fulfill its commitment to the province of Jaén. The time for empty promises and medals ahead of time is over. While VOX is in Congress, Jaén can be sure that there will be a party to defend them. We are going to fight this battle, no matter how much the three PSOE deputies for Jaén are going to vote on these budgets, betraying the Jaén ”, Alcaraz sentence.

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