VOX requires the Ministry of Health to report on what is really happening in nursing homes and criticize Botanist's obscurantism that it is not informing Valencians of the real number of infections in residences. Thus, we ask again for the resignation of the Minister of Health, for hiding coronavirus infections from citizens, especially in nursing homes.

The Spokesperson for the VOX Parliamentary Group, Ana Vega, explain what "The Ministry of Health and the Government of Ximo Puig affirm that the Valencian Community is the community with the lowest incidence of coronavirus, but this is false. We have the highest rate of infections, but since PCR is not done, citizens do not know who is infected and who is not. The reality is that we have a totally dark, opaque government, that does not give accurate information about the coronavirus and this has to change with the resignation of the Minister of Health and the person in charge of nursing homes, Mónica Oltra. "

From VOX we have learned that in two residences in the center of Valencia: the Palacio de Raga Residence and the Torres de Serrano Residence there has been a significant focus of coronavirus with more than 20 affected in each of them, several admissions and several deaths and since the Ministry is hiding this information from citizens.

The VOX Parliamentary Group has already presented several initiatives for nursing homes for the elderly. "But due to the sources of contagion in these two residences, we have presented new initiatives: an oral question in plenary and two requests for information so that the CouncilThe Health Department tell, once and for all, the truth about what is happening in nursing homes ”.

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