He asserts that, “it is shameful that we have hardly been provided with information in the extraordinary and urgent council to which the mayor or the representative of the PP has not come, who do not seem to give importance to this serious matter of which the total amount of what is unknown is unknown. disappointed"

Seville, December 20, 2019. The spokeswoman for the VOX Municipal Group in the City Council of Seville, Cristina Peláez, said Friday that "there is a political responsibility in the alleged embezzlement in the Public Cleaning Company of the City of Seville (Lipasam), because the money defrauded, whose amount is still unknown, is public, as well as the responsibility of management of the company itself, so the municipal government must immediately determine these responsibilities and be informed of the measures to be taken. ”

Peláez has expressed concern about the serious irregularities allegedly committed by one of the accountants of Lipasam and has lamented “that we had to find out from the media about this serious problem that affects Lipasam, a municipal company that has entered, under the mandate of Juan Espadas, in an absolute lack of control due to the evident lack of efficiency in the provision of the service and, from what we are seeing, also when exercising our own controls to avoid news such as those found today in the media of local communication ”.

"It does not cease to surprise us that we had to find out from the press what is happening in Lipasam, especially when two days ago we held an ordinary board of directors in which nothing was said about it."

The VOX municipal spokeswoman recalled that the Lipasam board of directors approved in 2016 a model of organization and management for the prevention and detection of crimes, designating an internal collegiate body called the Lipasam Criminal Responsible Body “of which we do not know the people that make it up and the works developed so far ”.

"It is shameful that the mayor did not attend the extraordinary and urgent board of directors that was convened this Friday, it is also that no one from the PP has come and the most embarrassing of all is that we have just been provided with information on what happened beyond what is published in the press ”.

The spokeswoman for the VOX Municipal Group has stated that “we have many more questions than answers, such as the procedures used by the worker to violate controls and audits, the date on which the diversion of funds is detected, the amount, as items of the spending budget imputed the payments that went to their accounts. ”

Finally, Peláez has stressed after the urgent and extraordinary board of directors of Lipasam that "due to the few data provided to us, it seems clear that we are facing a case in which the functions of supervision, surveillance and control have failed."

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