VOX Murcia requires the regional government to take concrete actions in favor of the hotel industry such as exemption from the payment of taxes and tax credits for the hotel and restaurant industry until December 31, 2021.

The self-employed and companies are suffering this crisis in a particularly intense way in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry.
It is because of that the only deputy of VOX in the Regional Assembly, Pascual Salvador, has stated that it is urgent to carry out "exceptional support measures because all help will be little", and added: "It is remarkable the effort that the hotel and restaurant industry make to make establishments safe and we demand that administrations lines of aid and tax incentives to allow businesses to survive this period of exceptional crisis ”.

Likewise, the provincial president, José Ángel Antelo, has defended that the exemption from the payment of fees "is a part of the package of measures that VOX has defended from the first moment of this crisis to support self-employed workers and professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry, at least until the end of 2021" and he recalled that in this sector "there is a suffocating and shameful reality in which they must continue to pay fees, public prices and taxes corresponding to this year 2020: only VOX proposes to end these injustices".

Only VOX remains

The extension of some taxes are insufficient to save the viability of companies and the self-employed since it makes no sense to postpone VAT and personal income tax payments when they must be paid anyway. From VOX we defend that postponing the payment of taxes and social security contributions means accumulating debts that are joined with other future ones.

"VOX has proposed a battery of measures until the end of 2021 that help to eliminate this state of abuse and ruin to which we have been condemned by nefarious policies and incapable of managing the health and economic crisis," said Pascual Salvador.

For his part, José Ángel Antelo highlights that among the measures defended by VOX are the “100% discount on IBI to hospitality businesses, suspend the payment of terrace fees, reduce the Economic Activities tax, eliminate fees of temporarily self-employed and abolish subsidies to unions, political parties and non-welfare associations to prioritize help to professionals who really need it ”, he concluded.

Finally, from the party it is recalled that there are numerous actions promoted in the different municipalities of the Region of Murcia based on common sense, focusing on the real problems of the Spanish.

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