The general secretary of the Parliamentary Group has denounced linguistic segregation which supposes the decree 179/2019 approved last November and has announced the presentation of a battery of written questions to the Government.

The general secretary of the VOX Parliamentary Group, Macarena Olona, and the formation spokesman Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, have notified the presentation, on Tuesday, January 22, of an appeal before the TSJ of the Basque Country against the DECREE 179/2019 approved last November.

A rule that, in the opinion of VOX, involves a linguistic outrage for the Spanish-speaking speakers of the Basque Autonomous Community since, with it, the Basque City Councils can communicate with their neighbors exclusively in Basque. “Although the affected citizens will be able to choose in which of the two official languages ​​they want to relate to the Administration, that right will be exercised only a posteriori, that is, if it is the neighbors themselves who request the change of language. This means that in practice, a white letter is given to eliminate Spanish from communications between municipalities and citizens, ”Olona has denounced, for whom,“following the racist postulates shared by the PNV and EH Bildu”, With this rule, the Basque Government creates“ a system of linguistic segregation of the Spanish-speaking neighbors that will allow them to be designated by the Public Administrations and become part of a census of Euskaldunes and not Euskaldunes, Basque of first and second category, according to the language they use ”.

Given that among the purposes of VOX is “guaranteeing the right to use and the duty to know Spanish throughout the national territory, without prejudice to the other co-official languages ​​of Spain, VOX presents this appeal to, not only request the annulment of the decree appealed, but also to raise a question of unconstitutionality against the Law that serves as coverage, that is, Law 2/2016, of April 7, on local institutions of Euskadi. “A law passed in the Basque Parliament thanks to the agreement of the PNV and EH BILDU and which meant introducing a regime of absolute exceptionality with respect to the rest of the Municipalities of Spain. Violating the Spanish Constitution and even recognizing to the City Councils a political autonomy, which is – says Macarena Olona – a true constitutional barbarity ”.

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