Rota, August 26, 2020. – On August 27, VOX Rota will officially congratulate the neighboring Chipiona City Council for its exemplary management and its Contingency Plan against Covid-19 on the beaches of the municipality.

The intention of the councilor was to take it as a motion, but it could not be, since in the Information Commission it was decided to take it to the plenary session and formulate it as "requests and questions", not being therefore subject to debate or vote, by part some of the consistory, being relegated to the sole congratulation of the VOX Rota party.

In the congratulations, the Spokesperson for VOX in the Mixed Group, Esther Ceballos- Zúñiga Liaño, wanted to highlight that:

The enormous repercussion that the contingency plan that has implemented security measures on the beaches of Chipiona has had is known to all, having gone around the world as an example of a safe tourist destination against Covid-19.

For VOX Rota, it has not only been an example of a tourist destination, but a model to follow and that shows, as with few resources, an impeccable organization and transmitting a direct and clear message to the public, it is not necessary to invest so many funds in institutional advertising, as it is the excellent local management that makes the town stand out on its own.

Likewise, the accumulation of other factors have also been determining factors in this result:

  1. The use of new technologies, using drones and a QR mobile application: the problem has been approached with 21st century solutions, optimizing both the available resources and the invested budget, all serving as support to the personnel involved in the plan, and giving immediacy (in real time) to the information that is needed to carry out any action, something essential to guarantee the safety of users.
  2. Job stability: the knowledge of the operation of the beaches by stable employees, the intervention and coordination of different departments, have been decisive to successfully carry out the contingency plan.
  3. Communicating a clear and direct message to the public: It is essential that the user receives clear and unambiguous guidelines, without continuous changes of criteria, and without creating uncertainties, which further aggravate the problem due to lack of foresight. The signage of the sand sheet, as well as the provision of posters to the citizen through QR codes, are an example of simplification and communication to the user of how to act at all times, without creating agglomerations, avoiding watering health, and with minimal and economic resources: a mobile application and some stakes in the ground.

For all this, we wanted to convey to our neighboring town, our sincere congratulations for an impeccable work, worthy of serving as a model to other municipalities, and as an example of optimization of resources, both material and personal, with considerable savings in advertising costs institutional, leaving in evidence that good management is enough to highlight and promote a tourist destination, without the need to invest huge amounts that can be allocated to more priority and necessary tasks.

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