Conflicting occupations have been a real problem in the municipality of Salt for a long time, so much so that since the entry into the ERC Government they have not stopped increasing.

According to the VOX Municipal Group in Salt, one of the reasons why occupations do not stop increasing is the bad practice of the city council when it comes to registering people who are occupying a home. Also the spokesman of the formation in Salt, Sergi Fabri, said that «it cannot be that in Salt more people are registered than in other municipalities of the province with many more inhabitants, the only explanation it has is the large number of people that the government is registering in homes busy«.

And in Salt, in 2017 443 people were registered in occupied homes, in 2018 they were 720 people and In 2019, 1097 people were registered in occupied homes. As you can see, a figure that year after year increases.

In this sense, Sergi Fabri recalled “in the past we have filed a motion not to register anyone without having a fair possessive title and both the ERC and JxSalt government, as the CUP and the PSC voted against, it is absolutely surprising seeing these data". In addition, it also adds that «Fits Remember that the fact of being registered gives access to other services such as social services and this goodism generates a called effect that saturates our services and sinks our people more and more ».

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