The declaration that the municipal government has proposed with the intention of protecting the booths and businesses that occupy the beach of La Casería initially has the support of VOX San Fernando, whose spokesman, also deputy Carlos Zambrano, has positioned himself in favor of this alternative that tomorrow will be voted in the municipal plenary session.

"The idea of ​​creating a legal instrument that allows us to protect that reality that exists there we like," said the mayor of Vox, who recalled that it was precisely his party's idea to convene a meeting of spokespersons to study the problem and weigh the actions that from the island City Council could be carried out to stop the eviction proceedings promoted by the Demarcation of Coasts. "We are glad that for once we agree on something," he said.

Vox, it should be remembered, was positioned in favor of those affected by these records of possession recovery of the maritime land public domain as soon as the conflict transcended. «I understand the Demarcation and its interest in recovering a public domain area of ​​the beach that is occupied. The law must be applied, effectively, but it must be done with common sense and without forgetting the social reality of La Casería and of course always improving that reality as much as possible, ”Carlos Zambrano pointed out.

The Vox spokesperson in the island City Council, in this sense, has regretted the poor "sensitivity" of the Administration when promoting these files without taking into account that there is a previous historical and social reality that dates back to the last century. A situation, he insists, in the face of which "a request cannot be launched suddenly, giving eight days for documents to be delivered."

"First a census should have been done, the reasons why these occupations exist on Casería beach should have been investigated, dialogue should have been made with the City Council in search of solutions," says Zambrano. And, he insists, "the occupants could have been better informed of the possibilities they have or not to legalize that, if there is some kind of project to improve the booths."

Carlos Zambrano recognizes that the declaration of public interest of the area pursued by the City Council is a "long and complicated" administrative process But he considers that it is the «only way» in which the City Council can defend these occupations, «something that is typical of San Fernando, which attracts tourism, something that people even come to look for to find a different environment, a way of life that is now difficult to find elsewhere. '

From Vox San Fernando it is recalled that there are precedents in Andalusia that have managed to legalize this type of occupation and that there are businesses, such as El Bartolo, that have their administrative concession for which they pay a fee. "You have to process files, concessions … We understand that the law can be complied with but we want people to be helped to comply with it and that its application be done within common sense and closer to reality," he says.

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