Vox will present in plenary session that the Municipal Corporation will hold a motion this Thursday to "guarantee" that all island families have their most basic needs covered.

The spokesperson for the Municipal Group VOX has warned that "the number of islanders who cannot meet their needs is worryingly increasing" due to the economic crisis that has unleashed the Covid-19 pandemic. "The entities and associations of a social or charitable nature see the number of people demanding food and help increase every day," he laments while highlighting his "deep concern" and "sadness" at this scenario.

VOX San Fernando thus proposes that the City Council "locate" those amounts or items "that can be diverted to cover the deficiencies that many residents of the Island already suffer." It also refers to projects that can be postponed to allocate these funds "for social purposes such as housing and maintenance aid."

"To reinforce these measures, it will also be considered, as far as possible, to increase the funds allocated for such purposes, to quell the precarious situation that is producing the economic stagnation, motivated by the pandemic, in so many island homes," says the group.

“Unfortunately, the forecasts for the next few months cannot be optimistic. The paralysis of economic activity means that families that started with weaker economies suffer greatly from this crisis. Solidarity between Spaniards should be a criterion that directs politics at this time. For this reason, in addition to trying to avoid the deterioration of the economic fabric, we must focus as much as possible on meeting the needs of those who suffer the most ”, lamented Carlos Zambrano.

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