San Fernando, November 25, 2020. – Once again, the Municipal Group of VOX San Fernando expressly states its rejection and condemnation against any manifestation of violence addressed to any woman, man, child or elderly person.

The representatives of VOX in the City Council have recalled that Article 14 of our Constitution establishes the principle of equality among all Spaniards and a legal guarantee is offered so that men and women have the same rights.

The Municipal Group has wanted to reiterate its commitment to defend this fundamental principle that protects all citizens, without exceptions based on birth, sex, age, race or ideology.

From the GM VOX they regret that some political parties continue to promote laws that destabilize the equality established in article 14 CE, creating a concept of victimized and oppressed women individually and collectively, with the sole purpose of creating division in citizens to use it in favor of partisan interests, and that also continues without tackling the problem of domestic violence, which continues to claim lives every year in Spain.

VOX emphasizes that the current legislation does not save lives or help people who suffer violence, proof of this is that there are more and more cases of violence in young people, whether they are men or women, nor does it contemplate violence between their partners sex does not recognize the violent behaviors suffered by other family members such as children, siblings, elders or cohabitating relatives in the family nucleus.

The spokesperson for the VOX Group, Carlos Zambrano, stressed that there is still much work to be done in this regard, and considers it necessary to demand that everyone, including especially people from other cultures, assume the principles and values ​​of a democratic society such as the Spanish and abandon atavisms that include behavior that is alien to that Principle of Equality that we all must defend

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