VOX San Fernando has taken to court the difference in salaries that exists between municipal political groups since the beginning of the mandate, a measure that the deputy and spokesman for the formation in the City Council, Carlos Zambrano, considers completely "arbitrary" and "lack of motivation".

With these arguments, the formation has presented two lawsuits against the island City Council in order to challenge the two plenary agreements related to these municipal remunerations, one from the beginning of the mandate (July 2019) and another from when said decree was revised after the agreement of government with Cs.

In the opposition, both PP (with five councilors) and AxSí San Fernando (with three) are assigned a gross monthly salary of 3,527.01 euros that receives its spokesperson or, failing that, the councilor that the group decides to release. It is an exclusive dedication for the performance of his functions as councilor of the opposition. However, Vox and Podemos, with two councilors each, are assigned a partial dedication, for which they receive 1,939.86 euros.

The difference is attributed to their lower representation in the Municipal Corporation after the 2019 municipal elections, in the same way that a representation criterion is applied to the assignments that each group receives. Although for Vox, in this case, it does not make sense and it is about a totally arbitrary question since the work of the spokesperson of a group – Zambrano explained – is not different from the size of the group or its number of councilors. "What's more, small groups have even more complications to deal with their work from the opposition," he warns. To this is added in the case of Vox that due to incompatibilities neither of its two councilors receives this salary.

According to Zambrano, the two disputes presented by the difference in salaries between the groups are pending sentence since the corresponding hearings were held a couple of weeks ago.

Vox intends to challenge these plenary agreements through the courts in order to obtain a review of these remunerations that it considers unfair, although Zambrano has made it clear that he considers the amounts received by PP and AxSí "exaggerated".

Zambrano, in this sense, has pointed out the high political expenditure borne by the island's City Council – between salaries, assignments and advisers – and has insisted on the need to promote a new agreement in this regard.

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