Sanlúcar de Barrameda, December 3, 2020. – The local group VOX Sanlúcar wants to express its support for the flamenco fashion sector. A sector cruelly affected in these difficult times that we are experiencing and that has not received any economic support since the pandemic began.

The coordinator of VOX Sanlúcar, Maria del Carmen Infantes, launches a message of support to this deeply rooted sector in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, from which a large number of families support themselves. Designers, dressmakers and merchants who saw how the 2020 campaign did not bring them any economic benefit after having made a significant investment in fabrics and material. “Flamenco fashion workers who see how the joy that their outfits wear becomes cloudy before the hopelessness of the aid that does not arrive”Infantes laments.

For this reason, VOX Sanlúcar asks, both locally and regionally, that this sector be taken into account so affected and that the aid they deserve be established. “It must be taken into account that, despite not having obtained any sustenance in this year's campaign, these workers they have to keep paying bills, all this with the uncertainty of not knowing what the 2021 campaign will be like ”, recalls the local coordinator. For this reason, the local VOX Sanlúcar team places itself at the entire disposal of this important sector in the town, with the hope that joy will soon return to the shop windows and the streets.

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