Sanlúcar de Barrameda, November 26, 2020. – The team of VOX Sanlúcar, headed by your local coordinator, Maria del Carmen Infantes, regrets the mismanagement of customer service by the Sanluqueño Council.

Appointments are slow to arrive more than fifteen days when, on many occasions, are urgent so that the citizen can carry out procedures of vital importance.

"The serious situation we are experiencing due to the pandemic is known to everyone and many services to citizens are being diminished by anti-Covid measures," says the local coordinator, "but we consider this It is an essential service for Sanluqueños. Some of the procedures that are carried out in these offices can be carried out through the web, but for certain documents the physical presence in these facilities is necessary ”continues Infantes.

For all this, from VOX Sanlúcar we ask our government team to implement all the necessary measures to reinforce these services that are so important to Sanluqueños.

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