Sanlúcar de Barrameda, May 13, 2020. VOX Sanlúcar regrets that the measures adopted by the municipal government are insufficient and fears that this harsh crisis will take its toll on a significant number of hospitality businesses in the city that may have to end up closing if nobody remedies it.

The training has transferred to its councilor, José Manuel Martínez de Ayala a report that has been prepared by the hospitality, trade and tourism working group with the aim that Ayala present at the next plenary session a motion that improves the measures already adopted in consensual form by all the political groups that make up the municipal plenary session.

In view of what is happening, the most appropriate thing to do is to improve those measures already agreed and urge if necessary the government team to put pressure on the provincial, autonomous and national governments so that Sanlúcar has a unique treatment in tourism and hospitality, the main driving forces of the city.

The VOX team in Sanlúcar has maintained contact with Apysan, from the association of small and medium-sized companies in Sanlúcar it has been reported that only 20% of Sanluqueño hotel businesses have reopened.

From VOX, it has been highlighted that Sanluquen gastronomy is a worldwide reference, with many tourists who come to our town only and exclusively to enjoy our bars and restaurants. In addition, Sanlúcar postulates its candidacy to be "Gastronomic Capital" in the next year 2021.

For all these reasons, to the measures already agreed by all political groups at the beginning of the pandemic crisis and among which were: The creation of a fund of 100,000 euros to alleviate the crisis, distribute the allocations of municipal groups to help the self-employed and social groups, aid for the acquisition of protective screens in shops or reallocate the designated budget to associations to buy protective equipment; They have been a first step that has demonstrated the spirit of cooperation of all the municipal groups in these hard times, but we must go further, since otherwise our city, with an unemployment of more than 30%, cannot afford closure. business and job destruction.

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