The VOX spokesperson in the Santa Fe City Council, Silvia Enríquez, together with the head of Institutional Relations of VOX Granada, José Ramón Sánchez Pérez-Pire, have met with the delegate of the Andalusian Hunting Federation in the province, Adelardo Villafranca with the aim of joining forces to carry out projects to support the hunting world in the municipality of the Metropolitan Area.

"The hunting activity is one of the most important resources of the natural environment, key in the development of the economy, environmental care and nature conservation", has valued the spokesperson of the Municipal Group of VOX in the City of Santa Fe.

From VOX they reaffirm their support for hunting, and they want to make this support explicit through different initiatives in institutions, both at the national, regional or municipal level. This has happened before the restrictions imposed by the Junta de Andalucía as a consequence of the pandemic that also affected hunting, and for this reason VOX insisted on considering hunting as an essential activity; or during the negotiation of the Andalusian Budgets in which the Parliamentary Group of VOX in Andalusia obtained important items to support the hunting activity.

In Santa Fe there is a long tradition in the practice of hunting with a significant number of hunters. For this reason, from VOX Santa Fe they believe that it is a mistake that the municipality has lived its back to this deeply rooted activity that, with the support of all the institutions, can be an important asset for the battered local economy, as well as a guarantee of conservation of the environment and a way to attract quality tourism.

The meeting between the Andalusian Hunting Federation and VOX was joined by FAC Diego Ontiveros, as a technician, and by the VOX Santa Fe team, Julián Torres, Civil Engineer, for the specific study of projects to be developed in Santa Fe.

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