The Municipal Group of VOX in the City of Santa Fe has presented a motion in the Plenary session of July by which the Ministry of Development, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, through the Metropolitan Transport Consortium, is urged to restore the frequency of the bus line 140, as it was established before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Silvia Paola Enríquez Gallego, VOX spokesperson at the Santaferino Town Hall, has demanded, in turn, that "the Andalusian Government increases the minimum services in metropolitan transport" and the periodicity of the lines that connect Santa Fe with Granada be reinforced, « to anticipate the return of the influx in the use of this service ».

The VOX spokeswoman at the Santa Fe City Council explained during the plenary that “due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the routines we were used to have been altered. The declaration of the state of alarm by the Government and the situation of confinement to which it gave rise has been the harshest of these alterations in the lives of the Spanish. As is evident, one of the areas affected by this confinement was that of mobility, which forced to modify or even suspend a good part of public transport in Spanish cities and municipalities. This was the case of Santa Fe, El Jau and Pedro Ruiz ».

At the same time, from VOX they point out that «extreme all precautions and asking for all the prudence that is necessary, we are already in the process of a return to normality (a normality that inevitably adapts to the control measures that are applied to control the pandemic). In this context, the Metropolitan Transport Consortium has been adapting the schedules and frequencies on its bus lines. Our municipality has been affected by these changes and now suffers from a decrease in the frequency with which Line 140 connects Santa Fe with Granada ».

The media have echoed that «the Metropolitan Transport Consortium increased the frequencies of forty lines since July 1 and the Ministry of Development, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning of the Junta de Andalucía, through the consortium, assures that currently the number of users using these metropolitan public transport services does not exceed 40% of those mobilized before the health crisis. (…) the offer has increased substantially, since under the order of the Ministry of Health and Families since July 1, minimum services are established in metropolitan transport of a minimum of 80% of services at peak times (up 30%) and 60% in off-peak hours and holidays (going from zero percent to 60%) ”, Silvia Paola Enríquez Gallego reported.

Despite this partial recovery of the service, “there are not a few users who are being affected by this variation in the frequency of buses, particularly on Sundays and holidays. It should also be appreciated that reducing the frequency can also cause an agglomeration of users who concentrate their trips on available schedules. It should be noted that Line 140 and the rest of those that connect Santa Fe, El Jau and Pedro Ruiz with Granada are very popular. In the face of a gradual incorporation into the routine of the residents, the need to increase the frequency that existed even prior to Covid-19 should be addressed with the Metropolitan Transport Consortium to avoid crowds as far as possible and thus reduce the risk contagion ».

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