The councilor of Vox in the Santander City Council, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, is shown "Very surprised" because two years later the contest for the maintenance of Parks and Gardens is annulled.

Vox "Has been asking" for a year that "The provision of this service is regularized", whose tender was "In a siding" since it was decided to submit a query to the Madrid Contracting Board to find out if the execution of the contract could be compromised after the withdrawal of the Imesapi-Copsesa-La Encina UTE that had offered the best price.

The councilor notes that "In addition to an unacceptable delay of more than two years in making this decision, responsibilities should now be demanded if things were done wrong from the beginning to prevent future tenders from being canceled simply because they do not like their result."

"It is also unpresentable in the face of Santander and the service workers themselves that now we are told that it will still take another year to regularize the situation of Parks and Gardens as a result of having to re-tender the contract", criticizes Pérez-Cosío.

"The situation is more surprising when it is verified that the current company has been executing the contract with an extension that lasts for more than two years and is also subject to a file for breach of the contract itself", sentence the municipal representative of Vox.

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