The Municipal Group Vox in the Santander City Council has described as "failed and misleading", in addition to a "waste of time that is no longer available", the citizen consultation prior to the General Plan.

The councilor for training, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, has pointed out that “the data from the consultation reflect a reality: Ceruti has sold smoke, gathering in the conclusions of this process the minority approaches already known from its head associations with the sole objective of appear in the press upon payment ”. "In addition, it has not been by chance that the control of the information on this process has been extracted from the usual routes to be entrusted to communication professionals very close to the orange training", he clarified.

Likewise, Pérez-Cosío has insisted that “if the objective of the prior consultation was for the neighbor to participate in the future model of the city and for politicians to stay on the sidelines, what actually happened has been the constant presence at the participatory tables of representatives of the associations that defend their own approaches to the most radical conservationism and environmentalism and whose final objective is to prevent the growth and development of the city without offering any alternative than walking or cycling ”.

"Talking about dispensing with new construction" when a very important part of the European COVID recovery funds will be allocated to investment in social housing, "will irremediably condemn us to population and economic decline in a city where the housing stock is already scarce and expensive" .

The same can be said of the "green corridors", an idea that the head of Vox calls "very progressive", but "absolutely out of place" in a city that has parks and a waterfront for recreation. Santander it can very well show off in front of any other Spanish city.

The “gender perspective” questions that are part of the “ideological heritage of the left” and that constitute the specialty of one of the consulting companies brought in from outside to carry out this work, “confirm, without further dissimulation, the true ideology of the Orange councilor whose ideas are now being passed off as the opinion of all Santanderians ”.

On the other hand, the Vox councilor recalled that “the most unfortunate of all is that the time lost in this kind of promotional drills delays the launch of an Urban Planning Plan adapted to the needs of this city and that seeks to facilitate Santander's life and not to expel them as up to now to nearby towns ”.

For this reason, from Vox "we demand that the work of preparing the PGS in accordance with the procedures established by law be started without further delay." "In addition, we are going to closely monitor the transparency and the real and direct presence of the people of Santander giving their opinions, without admitting more farces or simulations," declared Pérez-Cosío.

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