VOX Ceuta has already explicitly opposed, at the Board of Spokespersons last Friday, the proposal presented by the government of Juan Vivas to close the activities known as "non-essential" at 6:00 p.m. And in the same way, the party shows its opposition to the closure being at 8:00 p.m. as has now been proposed, by the local Executive.

"From VOX we have been positioning ourselves against all those restrictive measures that we understood that did not benefit at all to control the spread of the pandemic and that, on the contrary, openly and almost definitively harmed the economic and business fabric of the city" recalls the president of the training, Juan Sergio Redondo. For this reason, VOX shows once again its "absolute refusal" to delay at 8:00 p.m. "the already crazy idea of ​​closing the 'non-essential' activity at 6:00 p.m.". "It is a decision as absurd as the previous one and, in the same way, it will generate more damage to our economy than any benefit to control the pandemic," warns Redondo.

For VOX Ceuta, “the haste in making these decisions by the local government, which is dedicated to launching increasingly restrictive modifications of its emergency decrees, is just as worrying, without even having given time margin to make an assessment real of the results of those measures ”. In addition, Redondo reproaches the Executive for ending up acting, in most cases, "in tow of a community that, like the Andalusian, can not at all resemble Ceuta in resources, skills and economy."

The president of VOX Ceuta also regrets that the Government is “yielding to pressure from political groups such as PSOE and Caballas. Groups that, says Redondo, "are taking advantage of the occasion to, under the pretext of protecting health, mediate the executive of Juan Vivas, demanding increasingly restrictive measures with the sole intention of putting him in the trigger, even knowing that these measures will not stop the contagion, and which will also lead to economic disaster in the city and ruin to many families ”.

"The Government has to act with courage"

For these reasons, VOX Ceuta demands the government of Juan Vivas to act "accordingly and with courage." The party insists, once again, that the solution involves greater control of preventive measures, greater deployment of sanitary means, mass testing and greater coercive measures so that these hygienic sanitary measures are fulfilled, determining the perimeter closure of those areas of the city where it is known that these standards are not being met and that the highest number of infections is occurring.

"Neither citizens, nor our economy, nor the future of an entire city, have to pay for the inability of a government to apply courageous and forceful measures", Redondo alerts to add: "It is because of what in VOX we already say enough, positioning ourselves decidedly, against all those who with their decisions intend to ruin an entire city, and in favor of those who only ask that they be allowed to work and be able to raise their families ”.

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