22 November 2020

The members of VOX, Alberto Asarta, National Deputy for Castellón, Plains Massó, Member of the Valencian Courts and Luciano Ferrer, councilor of our town hall, visited the neighborhood of San Agustín and San Marcos guided by the President of the AAVV, Francisco Cabañero.

The visit focused mainly on the “Barrando del Sol” that has turned the streets of the neighborhood into rivers, at least once or twice a year, for decades.

Massó, Asarta and Ferrer, coincided with Francisco Cabañero in which the only solution to the problem is the coordination, on four fronts, of the national administrations, the Ministry of Public Works, the regional government, the Valencian Generalitat and the local government, Castellón City Council, with the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation.

The Barranco del Sol, upon entering the neighborhood, practically disappears, the street being the only way out that the water finds, as the current canalization is completely inadequate and insufficient.

Luciano Ferrer: "It is a serious problem that has affected the neighbors for many years, the time has come for someone to make the decision to solve, at once, a shameful situation to which nobody has wanted to solve by putting only patches that have not served to nothing, as the floods of each and every year show "

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