• He asserts that "we will be together with all the affected neighbors, we will denounce it and we will not stop until these mafias completely disappear from Seville"

Seville, July 31, 2020. The President of VOX Seville, Javier Cortés, together with the provincial deputy, Rafael García Ortiz, several councilors of municipalities in the province and members of the Sevillian leadership of the party, have moved this afternoon in front of the squatted floor in El Tardón to support Paola, neighbor of the Triana neighborhood to which some Squatters have left on the street with their 2 year old daughter.

Javier Cortés has declared to the media that "today it has been Paola and her two-year-old daughter, but tomorrow can happen to any of us”, Affirming that“ the VOX campaign against illegal squats in the province of Seville, is here to stay; We will not stop until these mafias leave Sevillians and their properties in peace"

In this way, Cortés has asserted that "the law is outdated and must change to protect the legitimate owners of the houses, and not as it happens now that squatters do what they want, kick the owners out of their legitimate homes, and on top of that they are extorted to get them back, without the Spanish today not being able to do anything, except go to a judicial procedure in most cases long and painful ”.

The president of VOX Seville has encouraged all Sevillians to “report cases of squatting in Seville. We make a public call for any neighbor who is a victim of these criminals to contact our organization, we will support them on the street and in all the institutions where we are already present, we will be the voice of all Sevillians and we will not to stop until we expel squatter mafias from our cities and from our province ”.

Finally, Javier Cortés recalled that “today we wanted to be with Paola and her little girl in Triana, since we consider that it has been a blatant case of abuse and contempt for an honest and hard-working family, to whom the squatters, in addition to kicking them out of their homes, have even physically assaulted them ", but concludes that" VOX is and will always be together with the early Spain to defend their rights and guarantee that their property and freedom are not attacked with impunity by the criminals".

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