He accepts the mayor's proposal to create a working group to agree on shock measures "from institutional loyalty but without giving a blank check to the PSOE responsible for the political, social and economic disaster of this crisis"

He asserts that "we must be prepared for a return to normality, so that it is done in a responsible, orderly and scrupulous manner both for Sevillians and for all productive sectors, especially the hospitality industry"

Seville, April 22, 2020. The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group at the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez, He has expressed this Wednesday to the mayor of the city, Juan Espadas, his caution before the city reconstruction project in which the municipal government works and has demanded that “to start working, superfluous expenses are eliminated, investments are prioritized and families and Sevillian groups that are severely affected by the Covid-19 crisis are cared for immediately. ”

In a meeting held with the mayor first thing in the morning, the VOX spokesperson showed “VOX's willingness to continue working for the benefit of all Sevillians from the place of opposition that corresponds to us in this mandate, supervising the work of the government but providing solutions that we hope will be taken into account ”.

Thus, Cristina Peláez, has accepted the mayor's proposal to create a working group in which all municipal groups are represented to agree on the measures that will be put in place to face the consequences of the pandemic, "from the institutional loyalty but without giving a blank check to the PSOE, largely responsible for the political, social and economic disaster in this crisis"

“We are going to be on top of the first steps of the government team, but at the same time we will offer alternatives to those questions that are not sufficiently justified, hence we start from the basis that, before redoing the budgets, we are clear about the economic items that it is necessary to eliminate directly so that this money is destined to what is really important, which is to cushion the serious impact of the crisis on Sevillian families and on the economic sectors that this month of inactivity has destroyed ”.

Cristina Peláez has reiterated, in this regard, "as we said in the last municipal plenary session, the suppression of all the subsidies foreseen for unions and business organizations, political parties, ideological, feminist and Historical Memory groups, social activities and all those aids that are not directly or indirectly related to the effects of this crisis ”.

"We will be very attentive to the measures that the City Council takes to prepare Seville and protect the people of Seville, but we must also look to the future, which is uncertain, but it is very important to be prepared for a return to normality, to be done in a responsible, conscious, orderly and scrupulous manner, both for the people of Seville, and for all the productive and hospitality sectors that are the economic engine of the city ”.

Cristina Peláez has asserted that "the City Council must prepare a combat budget and be farsighted to cushion the significant fall in income that is coming to us and attend to the new priorities, but not at the cost of getting further into debt, among other things, because there is no margin ”. We will support the demand for the different administrations that scrupulously fulfill their obligations with Seville and especially the assignments that correspond to us of the taxes of Andalusia and the State ”.

"We propose that the surplus from the previous year and the contingency fund are used, although we are aware that there will not be enough money to meet all the needs that are becoming visible, such as the more than 11,000 families that are requesting food aid from the City Council ”.

The municipal spokeswoman for VOX has stated that "in the face of this national tragedy, Our priority is the Spanish and the Sevillians, and we will be especially vigilant so that the City Council knows how to properly attend each case because we are the first line of defense to which the people of Seville go, before whom we have to demonstrate the usefulness of municipal policy to face extraordinary situations like this. "

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