Madrid, June 16, 2019. Last Friday the patron saint festivities began in the district of Moratalaz. Yesterday, Saturday, in the poster of festivities, several radical radical left groups performed with a clear and marked ideological content, in which the lyrics of their songs contain a clear message of hatred.

Among the participants, was "No Konforme", in whose lyrics you can appreciate the hatred and sectarianism that they give off against the security forces and bodies of the State.

Another group, "Banda Basotti" is characterized by its praises to the terrorist group ETA, which has caused so much damage and suffering to our country, leaving many families destroyed by their cowardly and murderous acts.

This armed band was already denounced by the AVT (Association of Victims of Terrorism) for the lyrics of some of their songs: "We cheer you ETA you are the arm of the people!", where there was a clear apology for terrorism.

Freedom of expression is not the same as the advocacy of terrorism. From VOX we reject any act that promotes hatred and trivializes the murder of men, women and children.

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