18 November 2020

GM VOX argues that on February 15, 2019, the Organic Law Project to modify the LOE (LOMLOE) was approved, but as the elections were brought forward, it did not reach parliamentary processing. The PSOE government has resumed and PODEMOS this law beginning the parliamentary procedures without prior consultation with the representatives of the educational community, being the only time that civil society does not participate in the processing of an educational law or in its debates. The participation that they demand so much has not been practiced in this crucial issue on which our future generations depend. This government has voted against the participation of civil society and the educational community.

The unions FSIE and FEUSO and the associations of schools CECE, Escuelas Católica and ANCEE together with the family associations CONCAPA, AFANIAS and COFAPA and also the association INCLUSIVA SÍ, ESPECIAL TAMBIÉN, have shown their rejection of this law.

Luciano Ferrer: "The Draft Law modifying the Education Law presented by the Spanish Government represents an assault on the rights and freedoms of Spaniards and a direct attack on parents. "

The councilor and spokesperson for VOX at City Hall it goes further: "I know suppresses Spanish as the language of instruction as payment to separatist parties in exchange for supporting Sánchez in the Government, this is another step in the indoctrination suffered by children in the Valencian Community, who are prohibited from using their own language as part of the totalitarian independence project. "

In VOX They understand that it is a law that attacks both special education and concerted education and that the Government will have to explain sometime why it hates so much special and concerted education in Spain.

Faced with the expansion of mediocrity proposed by the left, VOX wants a quality education for all, that turns our children into the best resource to guarantee the prosperous future of Spain.

Luciano Ferrer: “The Government puts its ideology before the real needs and freedom of the Spanish. Proof of this is his intention to impose sex education from the age of 6. "

The VOX alternative

Faced with the ideological and liberticidal project of this Government, VOX proposes two fundamental measures:

  • School check to ensure freedom of access to education.
  • Guarantee the free choice of parents to choose the educational center according to their moral convictions.
  • Prevent the lack of financial means from being an impediment to this freedom of choice and to guarantee equal opportunities.
  • Parental pin to avoid indoctrination in classrooms.
  • This document collects the agreement or disagreement of parents in the participation of their children in all activities taught by people outside the faculty of the educational center.
  • In this way, the non-interference of any type of ideology in the classrooms is ensured.

By last, VOX proposes the reinforcement of special education centers to guarantee the correct development of children with special needs who need these centers and the promotion of the modality of inclusion in ordinary centers, with special attention to rural areas.

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