When the Mayor of your city, presides over the public office of the mayor's office of all Sorians with a photo of a murderer of people, either for his political ideology, for his status as a homosexual or for his dark skin color, it disgusts you.

When he also allows himself the luxury of denigrating those who do not think like him, he makes it clear that he does not dislike dictatorships and exterminations, he simply chooses those that he validates, and that evidences his stupidity by making his hypocrisy public.

Carlos Martínez has the right to express an opinion and speak out against a political party, but, like the master who tightens his leash, he speaks of tolerance when he makes the opposite clear.

Well, express yourself freely, but every time you denigrate us without further political argument we will expose you. When he insults and stigmatizes more than 6221 Sorians, he makes it clear that his entire speech, like that of his boss, is only aimed at not having to talk about arguments and politics, and to avoid responsibilities.

The mayor who is more expensive and who lies when he says that we are from the capitals that pay the least taxes – we are actually in position 12 – tries to teach us lessons with his recurring hastag. We can see it in the article of this newspaper.

Ask again for help from your colleague from Arnedo to set up a theater with the purchase of robes and take out his advertising Cantajuegos contracted for 9000 euros, when it could be free, to a company in Valladolid, in a clear commitment to the business of Soria. (hypocrisy is called, have I already said it?).

Approve the pact of your party with apologists for terrorism and, above all, sell us that it is wonderful that a provision of spending is allowed to the municipalities of the Basque Country and Navarra that are greater than to the other Spanish municipalities, including ours.

Creep quietly that detail and the negligence, corruption and incompetence of his #PSOE to manage # Covid19, and then go out with his good-looking face to ask more money from the Junta de Castilla y León to kill two birds with one stone, and Put an ideological book behind you for the camera shot or photo.

Nothing new under the sun, tell us now about hate and that you cannot be tolerant of intolerance.

Thank you Carlos Martínez Mínguez for undressing before all the Sorians.

Think how you want, in freedom we have demonstrated for a right that neither you nor your party grants me, it is intrinsic … do you know? Every child born in this country has it thanks to our Constitution, not to politicians like you who are "distributors" of Democratic cards.

Socialism can be good or bad depends on the people. You bet like Sánchez for the bad guy, a pity that he does not copy the example of Portugal. You are more than Cuba, we know that. Please rule, solve problems, and be ridiculous no more.

Fernando Castillo

VOX Soria Vice President

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