• He asserts that "from VOX we support the worker and the employer in equal parts" and points out that, "without an employer who risks setting up a business, no employment is generated and without the workers who carry out their work, there is no business", therefore, Romero has assured "we defend this completely necessary symbiosis"

Seville, October 2, 2020. The national deputy for Seville of VOX, Reyes Romero, he has started in Morón de la Frontera, a round of visits to the municipalities of the province of Seville to know "first-hand the needs of each population and in this way be able to contribute our bit to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants".

"Our intention, Reyes Romero has assured, is to know what each municipality needs to be able to claim, from the institutions where we have representation, the necessary improvements to guarantee the correct functioning of each affected sector ”.

"We consider that this round of contacts is, not only very positive to approach the real problems of citizens, but it is completely necessary to know the reality of our towns and cities ”-

Romero has reiterated that “from VOX We are very clear that our political vocation is born from the need to improve the quality of life of citizens and for that reason we will fight in the institutions that are necessary to defend the rights of all citizens ”.

Reyes Romero has brought together in a busy schedule meetings with different sectors, organized by the coordinator of VOX in Morón, Pablo de Mora, starting with the Morón Businessmen Association who "They have conveyed their concern to us about the situation of job uncertainty they are experiencing due to COVID 19". A meeting in which, from VOX, "we have given them all our support, highlighting the importance of the symbiosis between employer and worker for this match, since, Reyes Romero explained," without an employer who risks taking a business forward there would be no work, just as the business would not succeed without the work carried out by the worker ”.

“From the Businessmen Association, also They have transferred to us the need to create degrees of Professional Training that are adapted to the needs of each sector, as well as the creation of the necessary infrastructures ”.

The national deputy of VOX has also valued the Cal Museum after a meeting with the representatives of the lime museum, "an abundant material in the municipality, with many possibilities, which would generate employment not only in Morón but in the entire region, thus revitalizing a dead sector."

"From Vox we do not want to ignore a claim that all sectors send us and more at a time as economically delicate as the one we are going through, as they are the bureaucratic obstacles they encounter when starting a business, the request for financial aid as well as lower taxes ”.

Reyes Romero, who has also met with the Sisters of the San Jerónimo Convent, wanted to make an appeal to the Moronenses “to help, to the extent of their possibilities, these nuns who are going through a bad economic moment after that part of a roof of the convent came off ”.

The national deputy for Seville of VOX, has described this first round as "very necessary and positive". "We will visit each and every one of the towns in Seville to fight in the institutions where we have representation for the fair improvements for each sector and to get our province to place itself in the place it deserves ”, he concluded.

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