Madrid, February 26, 2020. – In the night of yesterday-Tuesday 25- María José Piñero sent to the affiliates of the province of Seville a communication announcing his resignation. From VOX we thank Mrs. Piñero for her work and dedication to the party during these years and we respect her personal decision. The management of this party was surprised by the paper presented by a person who has done a great job at the head of the Provincial Executive Committee (CEP) of Seville. A job appreciated from the direction of the party that, on many occasions, has had to do without the means that other political parties have enjoyed. Similarly, the direction of this training has always valued the work done in the Parliament of Andalusia as a deputy for Seville and as a member of the Health and Education commissions. A work that we hope to continue developing with the same dedication in the Andalusian chamber.

The great work done by Mrs. Piñero should not be marred in any case by the error she has incurred in making a communication to the affiliates that can generate an unnecessary alarm and that does not fit the reality of the VOX situation in The province of Seville.

In the brief sowed hard on the use of the economic resources of the party in the province of Seville. The training accounts in Spain as a whole are audited and subject to all legal controls that establish their scrupulous legality. At the next General Assembly, VOX will publish a report on the economic management that is audited by an external audit of the party and that is also subject to the control of the Court of Auditors. In case of doubts about the use of economic resources, María José Piñero could have resorted to the Guarantees Committee, before sowing an unjustified alarmism.

Nor is there a parallel structure to the CEP in Seville. This body adopts its decisions in a collegial manner by agreement between its members. Since she is not a “presidentialist” organization, Mrs. Piñero must submit her proposals to a vote and, as is normal in other provinces, they are not always accepted.

From VOX management it is understood that a person of high professional qualification and worth of Mrs. Piñero had expectations of political growth within the party and has not shared certain decisions of the party when choosing people for the performance of various positions of responsibility But the interest of this formation has been none other than to consolidate its great work in the parliament of Andalusia, in which Mrs. Piñero has been considered as one of the axes of VOX's political action.

From VOX we thank Mrs. Piñero for her work, like that of the entire VOX Sevilla team. In the same way we inform that, given the importance of the organization in that province, at the next meeting of the National Executive Committee (CEN), the election of a Provincial Management Commission will continue in compliance with the party's bylaws. the work started by the team headed by María José Piñero.

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