The Municipal Group of VOX in the Granada City Council has submitted two complaints to the Ombudsman regarding the repeated withholding of information from the government team, which continues on vacation and keeps the needs of the residents of the capital unattended.

Mónica Rodríguez Gallego, VOX councilor in the Granada City Council, has denounced that the municipal government "refuses to respond to requests for information made by our political formation, or they do so with evasions, inaccuracies and half-truths."

The mayor has returned to claim today the complete file of the contracting of the city logo, after the City Council ignored this request and did not answer the questions about the award of the "GRX" image. “We do not formally know the price of the city logo, which companies have been invited to submit bids – they only reveal the name of the successful bidder -, who are the members of the tribunal that chose the logo, the criteria for the election, and who received the selected work and / or the person responsible for paying the invoice ”.

VOX criticizes that the concealment of files, contracts or information in general has become the dynamic of the government team. An example is the request for the list of unofficial license plates with special authorization to circulate and park in reserved areas in the years 2019 and 2020, "which has also been hidden from our Municipal Group, and makes us suspicious about the holders of said authorizations" , has insisted Mónica Rodríguez Gallego.

For this reason, two complaints have been filed with the Ombudsman, one about the ‘GRX’ logo and the other in reference to the license plate list. It is not the first time that VOX has resorted to this route, since last summer the Ombudsman was requested protection when the government team refused to provide the resumes of the coordinators and general directors appointed by PP and Cs, the list of users and spending on mobile telephony of the municipality and other economic issues.

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