Madrid, December 9, 2020. – VOX always keeps its promises and this Wednesday it has again achieved another parliamentary success. The Justice Commission of the Madrid Assembly has approved the initiative promoted by this group to protect prison officials who every day face unprotected situations in prison.

It is a measure aimed at promoting new agreements and protocols of action of the Fire Department teams of the Community of Madrid, as well as the municipal services themselves, with the Penitentiary Centers in order to achieve a faster action when such collaboration is required .

Said agreements shall include adequate training for Penitentiary Institutions staff in an emergency situation in which the fire department has to intervene, visits by fire departments to the work centers of prison officials and their corresponding emergency drills or an improvement of the existing tactical protocols drawn up by the prevention, fire fighting and rescue services.

“VOX is committed to prison officials to improve the resolution of conflicts within the prison against those who, many times, are unprotected. VOX always keeps its word. The officials know that we are with them ”, concluded the deputy spokesperson for VOX in the Madrid Assembly, Ana Cuartero.

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