The Municipal Group of VOX in the City of Guadalajara will request in the next ordinary plenary session, which will be held on September 4, the development of an ordinance and regulations governing the sponsorship of municipal actions and patronage. This has been announced the spokesperson of the VOX Group in the capital, Antonio de Miguel, who considers this ordinance necessary "To avoid possible cases of corruption and opacity, establish the organizational elements on planning, transparency, coordination and management, in addition to determining and regulating the municipal sponsorship actions that contribute to the economic, cultural, sports and social development of the city of Guadalajara".

Antonio de Miguel has pointed out that, at present, "There is a regulatory void and specific legal regulation on sponsorship of municipal action and sponsorship of activities of social, cultural, sporting, patrimonial interest or any other of public interest in the city of Guadalajara".

In addition, he recalled that "The Guadalajara City Council lives in a legal limbo of public-private collaboration, which is sometimes closer to the advertising contract than to the disinterested collaboration of the private business world." At the same time, he stressed that "in recent years there has been a significant increase in this form of collaboration between the public and private sectors".

"Annual program and technical sponsorship commission"

The spokesperson for the Municipal Group of Vox in the Guadalajara City Council has detailed that the regulations that propose its formation should include and establish “The necessary organizational elements of planning, transparency, coordination and organization to regulate the municipal sponsorship actions, which contribute to the economic and social development of the city of Guadalajara, and which represent a suitable field for private collaboration, an annual program of sponsorships of the city of Guadalajara and allow the creation of a technical sponsorship commission as a coordinating body for sponsorship programs ".

VOX further suggests that this sponsorship ordinance “It should contemplate the fields of application, enabling both the efficiency in the management of sports sponsorships and the guarantee of economic control through the corresponding administrative file and the economic viability of the sporting, cultural, educational, tourist, celebration or any other event of social interest or restoration and maintenance of historical, artistic or cultural assets ".

Finally, from VOX they consider that “Other points that this ordinance should address are the forms of sponsorship and sponsored activities, limitations, prohibitions or procedures, thus avoiding situations of privilege or preference with respect to municipal activity or the employment relationship between the City Council and the people involved in them ", concludes his spokesman in the city of Guadalajara, Antonio de Miguel.

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