Cordova. Thursday May 21, 2020. This Friday, May 22, the Shock Planand prepared for Córdoba with the aim of mitigating as far as possible the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Vox spokeswoman at the Córdoba city hall, Paula Badanelli, has shown his satisfaction with the approval of the Shock Bread, "we are very satisfied, we have participated from the first moment and 100% of the proposals of our group have been included".

Once again Vox is decisive in approving the actions planned by the government team led by the popular José María Bellidor. "The Cordovan who supported Vox they can be proud because it's being shown that is the most useful vote, in the end Vox is making contributions to improve what the municipal government proposes, "explains Badanelli,

Vox understands that thanks to their contributions they are trying to stop "everything that is not good for Córdoba".

Now From Vox we believe it is essential not to waste time in the execution of the measures of this Shock Plan. "It is clear that Córdoba cannot lose a minute, Vox will always be working for those things that we understand our city needs."

The Shock Plan for Córdoba contemplates a monitoring commission in which Vox will be present to guarantee that the measures are carried out and make contributions if necessary to improve the effectiveness of the Plan.

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