The spokesman of the Provincial Group in the Provincial Council of Seville, Rafael García Ortiz calls for a "more efficient and effective negotiation by the government in terms of tariffs" and demands "an urgent reduction of taxes"

Seville, February 25, 2020. Public charges of VOX in the province of Seville have supported Tuesday the mobilizations of farmers in defense of the rural world that see how the price of their products decreases more and more and ruins their way of life.

The spokesperson of the VOX Group in the Provincial Council of Seville, Rafael García Ortiz, he recalled that “The current drop in prices on products such as olive oil, cereal or wine is due, among other factors, to the importation of agricultural products from countries such as Morocco or Tunisia, with much lower production costs"

In this regard, he stated that “we are committed to the problems of the field Spanish, we are demonstrating it with our activity in the congress and in the European parliament and presenting motions in the Provincials and Town Halls, where we are demanding that the government be more efficient and effective when negotiating tariffs, but what we are finding are attacks by the government of Pedro Sánchez and the unions on the farmers, the only thing that highlights is that their only objective is Maintain your privileges and privileges.

"The PSOE is trying to demonize farmers, to the point that from their media terminals they are being called fascists. They tell Spaniards that they work, many, from sun to sun and that on more occasions than desirable they lose money with their crops. Faced with this, we listen and support them in our political and parliamentary activity. ”

The spokesman for VOX in Diputación has described the strategy of the left as "error" because "what the farmers claim had to do with other issues besides low prices. You don't want to address that our farmers have to compete with extra-community products made with slave hand while here they have to upload the SMI and in phytosanitary conditions that have nothing to do with those required here. That is, it makes them compete in unequal conditions. ”

“From VOX we maintain that It is necessary to reach bilateral agreements so that the conditions of production are the same. There are countries that, having a slave labor force, cannot compete with our products in this way, that is why tariffs have to exist and reach bilateral agreements. ”

Finally, Rafael García Ortiz has defended “the primary sector of Seville as a generator of wealth and employment, key in the economy of the province, to which attention must be paid once and for all, to defend their interests without meaning demonizing , as the government does, to large stores when, for example, Taxes account for more than 70% of the final product that arrives at the table. The key, as in almost everything, is to lower taxes", it is finished.

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