Cordova. Wednesday May 13, 2020. Vox has supported the Córdoba Plan 10 proposed by the government team of the Diputación de Córdoba in the extraordinary plenary session that Wednesday.

"From Vox we believe that it is a duty of the Provincial Government to cooperate with the Cordovan municipalities in alleviating the effects of this disaster and the enormous impact that this situation has on citizens and on the economy. For this reason, we understand that it is the duty of this political group to support this plan so that it can be implemented as soon as possible, ”explained the Vox spokesman at the Córdoba Provincial Council, Rafael Saco.

Despite supporting this Plan, understanding that this is not the time for discrepancies, “we would have liked to participate in its preparation and to be able to contribute some ideas. These ideas can be heard and debated later, because unfortunately this situation is not going to be solved in the short term ”, explained the provincial deputy.

Eliminate items of Democratic Memory or for ideological lobbies

We recall that in the debate on the Budgets of the Córdoba Provincial Council for 2020, Vox asked to eliminate items that we considered "unnecessary" such as those destined for Historical Memory or to inject money for lobbies, among others. »We urge the provincial government team to later restructure the budget. These items represent a total of more than 12 million euros that would be used to alleviate the economic situation generated by COVID-19, "Saco explains.

Vox supports Plan 10, understanding that now there is an urgent need to help families, entrepreneurs and the self-employed, who are suffering on one hand from this pandemic and on the other hand, a clearly improved government administration.

"That we will monitor and request that it be very strict in its compliance and that from this administration it is audited that the municipalities have dedicated these aids to mitigate the effects of the pandemic from the health, social and economic point of view," the spokesman concludes. of Vox in Provincial Council, Rafael Saco.

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