The VOX senator for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, referred today to the "usefulness" of municipalities, which, being the entity closest to the citizen, makes it the "ideal" body to manage resources at a time such as current of "necessary speed in management."

This was explained by Merelo, during the debate on the Motion urging the Government to set up a fund to cover part of the needs of the municipalities arising from the pandemic, where it has also asked for effective control measures to ensure that resources are allocated to cover the needs generated by the Coronavirus. «There is a severe risk that this action will remain on paper or, worse still, that it will become a new opportunity to rob the citizen through the corruption to which the traditional parties that have integrated this Chamber are so accustomed to us ", has warned.

From VOX a amendment to this Motion so that the assignment responds to four criteria: solidarity, institutional loyalty, objectivity and efficiency. Thus, he has asked that greater attendance be taken into account to the councils whose population most need it and ensure that decisions are not made for political reasons.

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