Seville, October 30, 2020. The Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council through its spokesperson Cristina Peláez, you have sent a message from support to the entire hospitality sector in Seville, and has expressed concern at the avalanche of closures and massive layoffs that will occur in our city as a consequence of the even more restrictive measures in terms of mobility and business opening hours, imposed by both the central government of the PSOE and the communists, as well as by the regional government chaired by the popular Juan Manuel Moreno.

"We are committed to a unprecedented social and economic crisis, closing business at 10 p.m., or even at 10:30 p.m. supposes one more turn of the screw in the obstacles that all hoteliers are suffering in order to be able to work with reasonable minimum conditions and to be able to keep their businesses afloat, the capacity to 50% or limiting the meetings to 6 people does not contribute to helping a sector that has only adapted and responsibly contributed to weathering the effects of the pandemic; only 3.5% of new coronavirus infections have occurred in bars or restaurants according to the latest report from the Health Emergencies Center of the Ministry of Health ”.

Cristina Peláez has underlined that “these data show the low incidence of contagions in the hospitality industry and almost zero in the outbreaks of recent weeks and these are official data ”. “It is a catastrophe and a management disaster at the national level, the plans without scientific evidence put in place so far, which, in addition have not been accompanied by compensatory measures They have caused the collapse of the hotel industry in Spain and especially Seville, a city that lives its bars articulating the city to a large extent.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX echoes the demands of the hoteliers of Seville, stating that “these businessmen and their workers are suffering real mistreatment by all governments, central, regional and of course also the local one, since the Socialist Juan Espadas fills his mouth with announcements of measures and meetings with the sector, and in practice he does absolutely nothing to alleviate the tax burden, or devise more creative measures from the City Council to defend a sector that is fundamental axis in the local economy Sevillian ”, sentencing“ This is a fatal wound. If many did not overcome the confinement, these measures will mean the total ruin of many of them ”.

"From the beginning of this pandemic, VOX has supported the hospitality sector in Seville, maintaining fluid and permanent contact with its associations and representatives, so we know first-hand their concerns and demands, supporting them and transferring them to the institutions with proposals and initiatives to the Seville City Council, Provincial Council, regional Parliament and Congress of Deputies ”. «The demands of the Sevillian hoteliers coincide like a glove with our proposals related to the sector, because they have to be diversified", has said.

To conclude, Cristina Peláez recalled that “Germany has just announced that before the closure of bars, restaurants, culture and leisure, Merkel has announced at the same time that it will compensate those affected with a help with the same volume as that billed the previous year, considering this very interesting measure, and perfectly applicable to our country, almost exactly what VOX proposed in March for Spain and what Pedro Sánchez made fun of during the debate on the motion of censure. This government is unable to move Spain forward ”, he asserted.

Thus, from the Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council they have committed to continue working «to that the solutions to the challenges of this serious crisis that we face emanate from the Sevillian hospitality sector, which is the one who best understands the functioning of a key guild for the prosperity of the city ”.

"We will continue to support them in all their demands and we will support as many mobilizations as they deem appropriate to convene to defend their businesses and the livelihood of thousands of families in our city, we will not leave them alone in the face of this ruinous new State of Alarm", he concluded.

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