VOX Yunquera de Henares has shown with support its support to the residents of the municipality. The City Council of Yunquera de Henares has placed in recent weeks garbage containers at a distance of less than three meters from the homes, on Caseta Street.

The block next to which the containers have been placed even have windows located at the same height as the containers. This fact that causes a strong discomfort for the neighbors who inhabit them, being a source of bad smells, and a reason for unhealthiness.

In this situation, the municipal coordinator Juan Carlos González He has filed a brief with the city council, along with one of the block's most affected neighbors. In the document it is ensured that the location of the containers does not respect the sanitary nor urban regulations regarding safety, health and public decoration. For this reason they request the first mayor, Lucas Castillo, to be immediately removed, placing them where they do not harm the neighbors.

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