The Municipal Group VOX he wanted to have first-hand information on the problems that the Aeroclub is going through. For this, the councilor Luciano Ferrer has had a meeting with the club president, Roberto Solsona, the vice president, Yuri rabassa, and the manager, Veronica Campillo.

On the table, in a cordial atmosphere, the legal insecurity in which the club lives, something that blocks solutions for the present and the future.

The Castellón Aeroclub is considered one of the best in Europe and hosts world skydiving championships as well as stages of different air routes, both national and international. These championships are a good source of income for the hospitality industry since the activities attract tourism with high purchasing power.

All these arguments do not seem to matter to the City Council, which continues to extend a concession agreement with the club that allows it to develop future projects.

The club does not want money, they are only looking for a long-term concession, a reasonable minimum of 10 years, although the ideal would be 25, so that the investments that need to be made in the facilities can be amortized.

The legal uncertainty that the club is going through has made possible the deterioration of the facilities, the take-off and landing runway itself needs urgent asphalt, the social club does not exist and the changing rooms and sports facilities, including hangars, do not meet the necessary conditions to organize events of the level requested by users of all nationalities, since even the German army has made use of them given the suitability of them to be found at sea level.

Luciano Ferrer: "We must urge the City Council to reach a long-term transfer agreement for the Aeroclub land so that it can carry out the works and investments necessary for its operation and maintain its recognized international prestige"

For VOX, Castellón cannot afford to do without a club that gives the city prestige and generates significant economic resources in the leisure and tourism sector

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