The Alcorlo reservoir was until this year a place of pilgrimage for lovers of motor water sports. However, the La Toba City Council has taken advantage of the current health situation to ban bathing in the area set up in the reservoir. In this way it has also cut off access to users of the place for leisure with jet skis. Specifically, about twenty members of the Alcorlo Sport club. A situation that also affects many others affected outside this club and who also pay their fees. All of them pay fees for the use of the reservoir during the months of June, July, August and September to the Tagus Hydrographic Confederation that exceed 130 euros.

Put in contact from the club with the Confederation have summoned them to contact Seprona, and the latter to report to the La Toba City Council. From the club they have tried without success to contact the first mayor Javier Cantero. Meanwhile the months go by and they cannot enjoy a use that they have paid for.

From the VOX Provincial Group at the Guadalajara Provincial Council, its spokesman Iván Sánchez He has contacted them to see the problem first-hand and seek solutions. Sánchez assures that "At this time that we need tourism so much, we must look for the good of the municipalities, but we have a mayor who goes too far in his duties. It expressly prohibits the performance of water sports and the navigation of Alcorlo when they are people who pay their licenses and also consume in the premises of the area. We want to fight so that there is no depopulation in Guadalajara and what we do is drive out people who want to come to do tourism, in this case sports ”

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