For VOX, the agreement is an example of socialist hypocrisy and constitutes an attack on municipal autonomy that hides in empty words about strengthening the role of municipalities.

The only thing they want to strengthen is their tyranny over any institution, in this case the municipalities: either they give them funds that they have neither earned nor have the right to ask for, or they leave them out of any reconstruction plan, to which all Spanish people

VOX's analysis of the agreement is clear and forceful: “In line with the decree of the new normal and the European reconstruction fund, the government agrees on loans with the municipalities of its rope, because any administration outside of socialcommunism or servility will see this agreement as blackmail. "

Luciano Ferrer comments: "Amparo Marco voted in favor of an agreement that seriously violates municipal autonomy and blackmails those who are not willing to hand over their remnants, this agreement aims to set the spending priorities of the municipalities. "

In VOX They think that the municipal resources that could be destined to lower taxes, compensate losses or help the most needy, now they will only be able to be destined to the ideological agenda of the progressive left, and they cite some examples

-National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, which has not yet been approved.

-Harming the use of private transport.

-Increase spending on ideological indoctrination in gender doctrine or on subsidizing beach bars that live at the mercy of the so-called gender violence.

Ferrer Explain: "The functions of the municipalities are citizen security, the fight against crime, order in the streets, street cleaning, and municipal services, and what is intended is to involve the municipalities in issues that are absolutely foreign to them. "

The councilor concludes: "At this historical and critical moment, it is not appropriate to modify the local financing system, much less, as the agreement proposes, to usurp the treasury of the municipalities that should be dedicated to creating wealth, employment and economic activity. "

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